Leadership Series: Spotlight on Samsung
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Leadership Series: Spotlight on Samsung

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Digital Declaration Leadership Series: Spotlight on Samsung

The Digital Declaration report Navigating the era of responsible business leadership in today’s world’ showcases how the Digital Declaration signatories are turning their aspirations into concrete actions and how technology can foster an inclusive, trusted and innovative digital society for all.

This series of interviews provides a spotlight on individual leaders sharing their insights and perspectives around trust, inclusion and innovation in the digital age.


In conversation with Dr TM Roh, President & Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

What does responsible business leadership mean to Samsung Mobile, and how are you embodying the pillars of the GSMA’s Digital Declaration?

We continue to invest in research and development, partnerships and innovative new technology because we are guided by the fundamental belief that technology should be an instrument for social good.

First, our business and brand philosophy is based on meaningful innovation – the practice of bringing the best ideas and technology together to solve real-world problems that help people live their lives to the fullest and enable society to continue moving forward. Whether that means democratising innovations to give users the freedom to select a device that uniquely fits their needs; or reimagining what a smartphone can be with new form factors, materials and innovations.

Second, we believe the power of the group is stronger than going it alone. That's why we value open collaboration with our vast ecosystem of partners, and why we support start-ups, developers and local communities as they work to achieve their dreams. When we all work together, we can leverage a broad array of talents and perspectives to bring greater breadth and depth of new experiences to market.

Finally, as the world changes, the global population increases, and climate change impacts future generations, we believe Samsung has a responsibility to play a role in creating a sustainable future for everyone, everywhere. That means being resilient and demonstrating operational agility – being able to prioritise resources, anticipate trends and act decisively to meet the needs of society, and ultimately contribute to building a better world. That’s why we continue to take dedicated action throughout our product lifecycle. By extending product longevity, making greater use of sustainable materials in our packaging, and creating environmentally conscious products and accessories, we are helping the world transition to a circular economy.

In your view, what will responsible business leadership in the mobile industry look like three years from now and how does this compare to today?

At Samsung Mobile, our ambition is to use the power of technology to improve people's lives. We have the responsibility to make the world a better, more sustainable place for future generations.

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Samsung is propelling young people to do good by giving them the technology to create change and the means to make their voices heard. Together, we promoted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals on more than 100 million smartphones, mobilising and empowering the Galaxy community via our Samsung Global Goals app. Because even the smallest everyday actions can add up to exponential good. Samsung is proudly using our global reach to help young leaders tell their stories and advance their missions, while the UNDP is leveraging its issue expertise and grassroots operations to supply young leaders with the necessary skills and resources they need to make a meaningful impact.

Accompanying this, we aim to ensure we leave the next generation with a healthy planet, which is why we continue to take dedicated action throughout our product lifecycle to help the world transition to a circular economy — by extending product longevity, making greater use of sustainable materials in our packaging, and creating environmentally conscious products and accessories.

When combined, our efforts create a virtuous cycle and enable us to address bold challenges, set the direction for the industry, and drive sustainable category growth for everyone in a continuous loop. A lot will happen in the next three years — and we will continue to listen to our customers, the market and fellow industry leaders to make business decisions that enable a more sustainable future for everyone.

What are the responsibilities of both technology and product developers when it comes to 5G?

One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to ensure technology is available to everyone. That means the industry needs to work together to democratise new experiences like 5G and make the technology open, so ideas can be expanded upon and innovation can thrive. Samsung is leading the way by offering a variety of devices with 5G connectivity across many different price points. As 5G networks expand, it is critical we continue to introduce new mobile experiences that take advantage of these innovations.

Find out more: www.samsung.com/uk/sustainability/overview