Yuanqing Yang
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Yuanqing Yang

Chairman & CEO, Lenovo

Yuanqing Yang
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“As a global technology leader, we have a critical role and responsibility in the world today and a belief that in our shared digital future no one should be left behind. We have a responsibility to operate a globally sustainable business. This not only extends to the products we make and how we operate, but also to the people behind our technology and those in front using it. As an industry it’s critical that we use our shared power and influence to drive this together, which is why initiatives like the GSMA’s Digital Declaration are fundamental for the world’s digital future.”

What Lenovo Corporation is doing

At Lenovo we’re diverse and inclusive in all that we do, stretching and adapting to the values, policies, and culture of the countries where we do business to reflect our entire customer base. We understand the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity technology presents to us to create a greater and more inclusive society for us all. As a leader, we have a specific responsibility to add our voice to this important discussion, which is why we again took the opportunity to reflect on our progress within our second annual diversity and inclusion report this year, sharing updates on progress and new data.

Beyond that, we also have a duty to operate a globally sustainable business. We’re doing so through initiatives like innovative packaging solutions using bamboo and sugar cane and releasing our first products made from closed-loop post-consumer recycled content. Equally, we not only aim to inspire future generations about technology, but also give them access and opportunity so they can thrive in a digital world – something we do through our Lenovo Foundation.

Finally, it’s about trust, the most important measure of our success. This trust defines who we are as a company, how we do business, our transparency, how sustainable we are, our security and supply chain, our leaders, the quality of our products and so much more. Millions of customers small and large in every corner of the world put their trust in us every day. Looking at the next decade, it will be our business success coupled with the responsibility we have as an industry leader and global business that will drive our mission to deliver smarter technology for all, so that we can play our part in building an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society – for everyone, everywhere.

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