Yang Jie
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Yang Jie

Chairman and CEO, China Telecom Corporation Limited

Yang Jie
China Telecom Corporation Limited
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Currently, digital economy is flourishing and has become an important engine to world economic growth. The development of network and digital economy is profoundly changing people’s production modes, lifestyles and thinking ways as well as the process of human civilization. Network is the cornerstone of the digital world and the main information artery of economic and social development. Only by establishing a safe, high-speed, ubiquitous and intelligent information network can the diversified kinds of information of the digital world be effectively transmitted.
In the ‘Declaration on the Digital Future’, GSMA has made positive commitments and initiated a future of “collaboration across geographies and stakeholders, extending consumer trust for the digital age, promising inclusive growth and opportunities for all, and ensuring an environment fit for continued innovation”. China Telecom completely agrees with the digital future vision outlined, and commits to being a responsible enterprise in the digital age. As a member of the GSMA board, China Telecom is willing to contribute to the creation and prosperity of a mutual-trust, jointly governed digital world together with the international community.”

What China Telecom is doing

In recent years, China Telecom has been making in-depth cooperation with customers and business partners from different industries, and striving to build five ecosystems of services, which are intelligent connection, smart home, internet finance, Internet of Things, and DICT (which means the deep integration of DT – cloud and big data technologies, IT – information technology, and CT – communications technology), with the aim to providing innovative, convenient and practical intelligent applications and services. By continuous expansion of network coverage, we have built the largest FDD 4G network in the world, covering 98% population; the largest FTTH network around the globe, with the optical broadband covering over 90% cities and towns and over 80% administrative villages in China; and a NB-IoT network that is deployed in the whole network with more than 400,000 base stations. Our IoT coverage is leading the world in terms of both width and scale. Now, we have more than 300 million mobile subscribers and more than 140 million households of wired broadband users.

Promoting children’s healthy growth with networks is one of our unshirkable responsibilities. China Telecom Sichuan Branch launched a “Missing You – Love Cabin” project with Sichuan provincial government to care for children left behind. In the “Love Cabin”, the left-behind children can make free video calls with their parents far away via China Telecom’s “Missing You” service for television, to help improve the mental health of those children. At present, such cabins have exceeded 3,000 in Sichuan.

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