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Tony Yu

President and CEO, New H3C Group

Tony Yu
New H3C Group
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“Recently, GSMA, together with many leading corporate partners, have been signing and issuing the Digital Declaration, which outlines a bright future for boosting trust and achieving inclusiveness and equality, innovation and sustainable development in the digital era. In my opinion, the core concept of the Digital Declaration is highly consistent with New H3C’s mission, “committed to be the most trustworthy partner to help customers achieve business innovation and digital transformation”.

I believe that technological innovation and industrial convergence are changing the mode of global economic development and social operation as well as people’s way of life. Therefore, we regard “Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life” as the vision of New H3C Group. New H3C is looking forward to working with GSMA and more partners to achieve the following goals: building a good competition mechanism, constantly fulfilling the potential of technology, promoting ecological cooperation and dialogue in the industry, eliminating the differences of opinions and regions, and creating a better digital future together by maintaining trust and security in the digital era and boosting innovation and sustainable development.”

What H3C Group is doing

As a leader in digital solutions, New H3C is well aware that digital transformation plays an extremely important role in promoting the leapfrog development of people’s livelihood and governance, optimizing the allocation of social resources, and innovating public service mode. This is also the core value of a responsible enterprise for society, industry, and public.

New H3C is committed to providing clients with digital solutions that converge technological innovation, scenario-based application and ecological cooperation, stimulating the organic integration of digital technologies, promoting the open and transparent sharing of information, and making it possible to build a complete digital society by interconnecting people, institutions, affairs and everything else.

New H3C has also accumulated a wealth of best practices and accomplished many successful cases that benefit society, industry and public based on the advantages of digital innovation, including targeted poverty alleviation based on big data, digital interconnection between medical institutions, and promoting the balance and equality of educational resources through digital innovation.

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