Tom Bartlett
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Tom Bartlett

President and CEO, American Tower Corporation

Tom Bartlett
American Tower Corporation
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"At American Tower, we are committed to creating positive change on a global scale and meaningfully contributing to the sustainable development of digital connectivity worldwide. Our Digital Villages initiative, which uses telecommunications infrastructure to bridge the gap in underserved communities, reflects the principles of the Declaration. Consistent with those principles, through these Digital Villages we aim to help advance global efforts to increase quality education, improve access to employment and reduce poverty."


For all the internet’s benefits, its reach in many developing countries remains limited due to cost, scalability, power outages and educational barriers. To help alleviate this problem, we are using our communications infrastructure in an innovative way by building Digital Villages near our tower sites to bring broadband connectivity to communities we serve. Digital Villages are computer-equipped centers or kiosks that use the uninterrupted power supply and broadband link from our sites to provide local communities with free education and training in Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) to increase computer literacy and help create digitally empowered societies.

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