Tobias Martinez
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Tobias Martinez

CEO, Cellnex

Tobias Martinez
Cellnex CEO photo Tobias Martinez Cellnex

“Being digital and being responsible, can be otherwise?. The question reflects the fact that no matter our areas of activity, interest or influence, digital is here to stay. It makes our world and our societies closer, efficient, more open, better educated and trained, but more complex and exposed to potential missuses of the technology that can be only balanced with responsibility. All the stakeholders involved, public and private, have to set a shared vision for a strong alliance that builds a digital future which shall be safe, respectful and inclusive for everyone.”

What Cellnex is doing

Cellnex is committed to allow and extend connectivity as a mean of social inclusion. In a digital world allowing an ubiquitous access to contents of different nature is a way to make sure that there is no digital divide and that digital is not a boundary or a restriction but a bridge and an opportunity to grow. Thus, the company is building an alliance with different stakeholders in the “third sector” to equip habitational resources –social housing-- managed and supervised by those third sector entities, with state of the art connectivity and sensoring that serve both to an efficient use of energy and consumable resources, as well as the accessibility in terms of coverage that empower those under exclusion risk to actively participate as fully integrated digital citizens.

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