Sinan Ak
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Sinan Ak

CEO, Zorlu Enerji

Sinan Ak
Zorlu Enerji
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“Energy sector is one of the crucial area affected by digitalization in all fields from generation and distrubition to selling products and prodiving services. Electricity must be delivered to the end-user without any problem. No one wants to even imagine a place that electricity is out of use in this age. Therefore, we strongly believe in a digital customer experience. Our customers’ demands get bigger every year and we must satisfy this tremendous demand uninterruptedly. That’s why we are creating digital energy services that provide seamless operation and efficiency for our customers. We are also creating new digital channels and platforms to provide the best experience in the energy sector. We aim to become energy company of the future by making a difference with power supply reliability and sustainability approach. So, we are sharing “create a better future vision“ with Digital Declaration and we are glad to be part of this global movement.”

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