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Pat Gelsinger

CEO, VMware

Pat Gelsinger
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“If you’re a technologist you’re in a privileged position, because you have the ability to shape the future. At VMware, our mission is to leave ahead a better future—to put back more into the environment, society and global economy than we take—and to inspire our employees, customers and partners to do the same. We fully support the GSMA’s Digital Declaration and its focus on the core principles of trust, inclusive growth and sustainable innovation.”

What VMware is doing

At VMware, we strive to be a Force for Good. From virtualization to cloud computing and mobile technology, our two decades of innovation have given rise to a better, more connected world. Yet, even as new technologies emerge and connect us, the world faces greater, more complex problems like growing inequality, access to education and skills training, and climate change. We’re optimistic about the power of technology to help solve big societal problems and are committed to leading responsibly. For example, data centers are responsible for two percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions—roughly the same as global air travel. Our virtualization technologies make IT infrastructure dramatically more efficient, fundamentally changing how our customers use power. Through our technologies, we’ve helped customers avoid putting 540 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—equivalent to powering the population of Spain, Germany and Switzerland for one year. Additionally, we outlined aggressive 2020 Global Impact goals across our people, products, and the planet and we’re on track to either meet or exceed them because there’s nothing more important than creating a more innovative, sustainable and equitable world.

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