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Nick Read

CEO, Vodafone Group

Nick Read
Vodafone Group
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“The world is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, with new technologies that can significantly enhance customers’ lives and improve the efficiency of businesses. Vodafone supports the GSMA’s Digital Declaration, as we strongly believe that the companies enabling this advancement of our societies must promote the necessary trust and uphold some key principles that speak to the interests and needs of all stakeholders.”

What Vodafone Group is doing

Transparency Disclosures

Vodafone’s transparency disclosures on matters related to digital human rights include policies, approaches and principles regarding government access to customer data, as well as our approach to managing issues such as freedom of expression, censorship and the digital rights of the child.

Vodafone was also one of the first major telecoms operators to establish and set out a statement of principles in relation to matters of freedom of expression, together with the company’s beliefs regarding what governments should and should not do in this area.

Vodafone’s privacy policies and framework govern how the company collects, uses and manages customer information in order to ensure the confidentiality of their personal communications and any choices that they have made regarding the use of their data is respected. Vodafone’s commitment to customer privacy goes beyond legal compliance and is focused on building a culture that respects privacy in order to justify the trust that people place in the company.


In April 2018, Vodafone was recognised as the world’s leading telecoms operator in the field of digital human rights (including privacy/data protection, freedom of expression and governance/transparency) in the annual Ranking Digital Rights Index (RDR) Corporate Accountability Index. The 2018 Index ranked 22 internet and telecommunications companies on 35 indicators across three categories,evaluating how transparent companies are about commitments and policies affecting freedom of expression and privacy.

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