Mr. Turan Erdogan
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Mr. Turan Erdogan

CEO, Vestel

Mr. Turan Erdogan
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“When a customer purchases one of our products, it conveys a clear message to us. A purchase is not simply a purchase, it’s a verbal contract. One that states we will be there to support our customers and provide the services they need. It’s a bond strengthened by trust between us and our customers. We take this trust very seriously and this is the reason why we signed-up to the Digital Declaration. We want to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a safe future for our customers.”

What Vestel is doing

We believe in providing an inclusive future where people are not bound by their physical impairments. That is why we developed our Smart Cane: weWalk. Integrated with a smart assistant and geo-localization service, with weWalk our visually impaired customers enjoy an even greater freedom of mobility. Designed specifically to make navigation easier, weWalk allows our customers to control their smart phones without even taking them out of their pockets. A future in which visually impaired people are unbound by their physical limitations is something which we are very keen on contributing to.

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