Mr. Park
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Mr. Park

Chief Executive Officer, SK Telecom

Mr. Park
SK Telecom
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“SK Telecom always aims to accomplish its business goals while fulfilling its social responsibilities and code of conduct in the digital sphere including right use of customer data.

As the largest ICT provider in Korea, SK Telecom is fully aware of the challenges in the digital future and would like to share the value of Digital Declaration with our partners.”

What SK Telecom is doing

SK Telecom has been making every effort to protect human rights in the digital era by securing privacy and preventing abuse of customer data. Especially in the 5G era, where networks will provide hyper-connectivity to everyone and everything, safety will become a key factor that determines success of service providers. SK Telecom has been leading the development of cutting-edge security technologies including quantum cryptography and the creation of a safe digital ecosystem.

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