Kenichiro Yoshida
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Kenichiro Yoshida

President and CEO, Sony Corporation

Kenichiro Yoshida
Sony Corporation
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“At Sony, we always seek to add value to society and enrich people’s hearts through the delivery of Kando (a sense of excitement, wonder or emotion) which may take the form of outstanding entertainment or the value of safety and reliability through cutting edge technology or unique financial services. Digital security is one of the most essential foundations for Sony to be trusted by our various stakeholders and to contribute to a brighter future.”

What Sony Corporation is doing

Sony respects the privacy of individuals such as customers, employees of suppliers and business partners and Sony personnel. Sony also recognizes the importance of information security both in achieving financial success and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. We have established policies and procedures to help protect our information resources and information systems from unauthorized access or leakage, falsification, loss, destruction or other security risks.

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