José María Álvarez-Pallete
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José María Álvarez-Pallete

Chairman & CEO, Telefónica

José María Álvarez-Pallete
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“A sustainable digital future can only be built upon clear values and cutting edge, updated XXIst century policies. We believe it is time for business to show we are willing to accept our responsibility and claim for a Digital Bill of Rights to ease any impact of technology on our lives. People must be at the centre of each decision and measure we adopt”.

What Telefónica is doing

Telefonica´s Manifesto for a New Digital Deal and Principles on Artificial Intelligence

Telefonica believes that we need to achieve a fair, inclusive and sustainable digitalization where no one is left behind. A New Digital Deal should renew our social and economic policies and modernise our democracies for the digital age.

A New Digital Bill of Rights is required to adapt people’s right to the profound changes brought by technology. Business also need to act with increased responsibility for a sustainable digitalization that will impact people´s lives and work. Telefonica is convinced that an ethics-first approach should guide the design and development of new digital products and services, especially those enabled by algorithms and AI. Therefore, we have created Principles on Artificial Intelligence to guarantee that we achieve a human-centric, fair, transparent, explainable and secure AI.

More on how we do things can be found in our Manifesto for a New Digital Deal.

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