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Hyeonmo Ku
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“I’m very glad to join the Digital Declaration initiative. KT aims to achieve qualitative growth through ‘Customer-driven Self-innovation’, which provides customers’ needs quickly and flexibly with ‘Customer-centric’ as the direction of innovation. Through this, KT can deliver positive change through products and services focused on the needs of customers which is what the Digital Declaration is all about.”

What KT is doing

KT's vision is to contribute to the advancement of Korea by leading changes in customers' lives and innovations in other industries.

We put customers as our top priority and will continue to serve them with outstanding technologies and services. We will be the fastest and most responsive company that satisfies customers’ wants and needs, pioneer innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud, lead transformations in a wide variety of industries,
and do our best for the people and the advancement of Korea.

Also, KT is driving sustainable management to create a sustainable future for all.
Especially, we are concentrating on ESG management and leading a sustainable future through global partnership by joining the UN global compact, participating in Broadband Commission, and fulfilling UN SDGs.

More detailed information on KT’s customer-first strategy and sustainable management can be found at the following link.

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