Guillaume Boutin
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Guillaume Boutin

CEO, Proximus

Guillaume Boutin

“At Proximus we aim to make a positive impact on the world around us by creating a safe, sustainable, inclusive and prosperous digital society. The new digital economy is creating a lot of new opportunities, but also brings new challenges and responsibilities. By integrating sustainability in our strategy we make it a visible priority in everything we do. Our new sustainability strategy, acting upon the UN sustainable development goals, has an increased focus on climate action and digital inclusion. In our contribution to a circular economy, we want to move from a carbon neutral company to a net positive and truly circular company by 2030.

We encourage digital adoption by building high-quality future-proof infrastructure and by providing and co-creating innovative solutions and services. With our cyber security solutions and through data protection and awareness initiatives, we also build trust in digital. We want to create a digital society accessible to all by playing our part in bridging the digital divide and providing opportunities for all. Beyond that, we invest in education to help people gain the digital skills they need to thrive in the digital world.”

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