Daniel Hajj
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Daniel Hajj

CEO, America Movil

Daniel Hajj
America Movil
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"This Digital Age provides great opportunities and challenges to businesses. Particularly for Telecom Operators. We make “digital life” and digital age benefits possible.

Connectivity is an equalizer of opportunity, for education, health, training for jobs, for commerce, production, entertainment and well being - among many other things.

Given the strategic value of connectivity, the performance of Telecom operators needs to ensure high standards: in quality of service, innovation, affordable prices, coverage, ethical conduct, protection of personal data, respect for the natural environmental, and in access to communication, information and relevant content. These are clear principals of behavior of America Movil.

That is why it is a pleasure to endorse the Digital Declaration. We are committed to continue to deliver digital products and services in an efficient and responsible manner, for the benefit of our consumers and for the good of the societies in the countries where we operate. The Digital Age should be cemented on sustainable businesses that act in a highly responsible way.

The GSMA led Digital Declaration is a powerful step in this direction."

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