Carlos Grau
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Carlos Grau

CEO, Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Carlos Grau
Mobile World Capital Barcelona
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“At Mobile World Capital Barcelona we are fully supportive of and active in programmes that can change people’s lives by building initiatives, content and responsible business models that improve human rights in the digital age. Technology will continue to transform every aspect of the way we live, and especially the way we work. We see opportunities to bridge the digital divide in business, remove barriers, and overcome emerging challenges by empowering citizens. For these reasons we are proud to sign the Digital Declaration, which is in full alignment with our Digital Future Society programme.”

What Mobile World Capital is doing

Digital Future Society (DFS), a programme promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, empowers citizens to drive social progress through an inclusive, fair and sustainable digital economy.

This global programme connects efforts from industries, policymakers, civic organizations and entrepreneurs in order to understand, address and engage with the ethical, legal and inclusion challenges deriving from digital transformation and technological development.

DFS believes that sharing knowledge and tools will move citizens to action in order to help them tackle the current challenges. The programme constantly invites citizens to engage with the challenges created by digital technology disruption, both online and in events around the world, all year long.

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