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Anna Borgstrom

CEO, NetClean

Anna Borgstrom
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“Intelligent connectivity that effects everything and everyone is on the rise. 5G is approaching fast and technology is increasingly enabling people to do amazing things, and making our world better. My hope is that the Digital Declaration, that serves as a guide to acting ethically in the digital era and demonstrates the private sector’s commitment to responsible leadership, will be the holistic plan needed to protect those of the connected children that are at risk of becoming victims of sexual abuse. To ensure a brighter future for those children I think that the Digital Declaration must include measurements to deal with those that use the internet to sexually abuse children.”

What Netclean is doing

NetClean develops the world’s leading technology solutions to protect businesses and organisations against child sexual abuse material. NetClean has led the way since 2003 by combining world leading technology with thorough knowledge of how child sexual abuse is distributed and consumed. Today our solutions are used by companies, government agencies and Internet Service Providers in more than 110 counties around the world. Our understanding of the problem of child sexual abuse material has been gained through years of working together with law enforcement, NGOs, and research institutes. We also work to share our knowledge. A good example is the NetClean Report, an annual publication that focuses on child sexual abuse crime. It provides valuable insights into the experiences of law enforcement professionals working with child sexual exploitation cases.

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